Dayana TOBACCO est.1997 is the 1st modern tobacco store in Indonesia.

Dayana TOBACCO est. 1997 was created and founded in 1997 by Yadie Dayana when he was working in the hotel business. He was interested and falling in love into cigar. With his passion and experience he created Dayana TOBACCO est. 1997 and now he also introduce Dayana Cigar such as…


Gran Cigarro BIN Cigar

Rp 225,000 Rp 200,000

C99 box of 16

Rp 640,000 Rp 580,000

EL Nino box of 20

Rp 600,000 Rp 540,000

Cigar Master Box of 16

Rp 560,000 Rp 510,000

Dayana Robusto P

Rp 150,000 Rp 135,000

Dayana Maduro Robusto

Rp 250,000 Rp 225,000

Dayana Ashtray

Rp 500,000 Rp 350,000

Agropuros BOX of 24

Rp 720,000 Rp 650,000

Don Agusto Tubos

Rp 350,000 Rp 315,000


BIN Corona

Rp 150,000 Rp 135,000

BIN Robusto

Rp 160,000 Rp 145,000

Don Agusto Tubos

Rp 350,000 Rp 315,000

El Bomba

Rp 200,000 Rp 180,000

Maumere Half Corona

Rp 130,000 Rp 110,000


Rp 300,000 Rp 270,000

Wismilak Robusto

Rp 200,000 Rp 180,000

Airlangga Robusto

Rp 165,000 Rp 150,000

Brawijaya Half Corona box of 5

Rp 300,000 Rp 270,000

Brawijaya Grand Corona

Rp 175,000 Rp 160,000

Dayana Indonesian Cigar Specialist, Jakarta Cigars Store.

Hi cigar aficionado,

Coba Kita cek koleksi Cerutu Premium Indonesia dari The best cigar shop in Jakarta  Dayana Tobacco Store,

Please come and Enjoy Cigar at our store.

Have a good Cigs !!



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Yadi Dayana

Business Owner

This is my 1st Indonesian cigar that I enjoyed until last. My last part is always my excellent. Dayana Robusto proved it to me..

Gilang Furqon


Finally, I found cigars online shop with premium quality and very fast resoponse with affordable price. Goodluck Dayana !!!

Bayu Erlangga


Awesome !!! Dayana Tobacco Online gave me not only Premium Quality cigar but also Beautiful cigar. Cigs.lyfe